Download Data Products for Wood Thrush

eBird Status and Trends Data Products include estimates of species ranges, abundances, and environmental associations.


Abundance downloads

Relative abundance is the estimated average count of individuals detected by an eBirder during a 1 hour, 1 kilometer traveling checklist at the optimal time of day for each species.

Abundance map images
Weekly abundance animation
Abundance geospatial data (raster)
TIF Access key required
Weekly abundance geospatial data (raster)
TIF Access key required

Range downloads

The range defined as the areas where the species is estimated to occur within at least one week within each season.

Range map images
Range geospatial data (vector)
GPKG Access key required

Regional range and abundance downloads

Regional statistics related to relative abundance and range boundaries (species presence). Full downloads of this data for all regions are available.

Regional range and abundance stats
CSV Access key required

Trends downloads

Trends maps depict the cumulative change in estimated relative abundance since 2007 with circles representing 27km x 27km regions. Data downloads for this product are not yet available.

Trends map images

Advanced analysis

We provide the ebirdst R package to help access, manipulate, and analyze these data. Use of the R package requires an access key tied to your eBird username, which you can get by reading and agreeing to our updated eBird Products Terms of Use.

安裝R package