Descargar productos de datos de eBird

eBird provides open data access in several formats to logged-in users, ranging from raw data to processed datasets geared toward more rigorous scientific modeling.

eBird Basic Dataset (EBD)

The EBD is the core open-access dataset for accessing all raw eBird observations and associated metadata. The EBD is updated quarterly (15 March, 15 June, 15 September, 15 December), and is available by direct download through eBird to any logged-in user after completion of a data request form. The data request form allows us to gain some understanding of how the data will be used. Requests are typically approved within 7 days. Data are provided with documentation in spreadsheet format, which can be read by a variety of programs. Although Excel or similar programs work for basic analyses, for larger datasets (>1 million rows) or more sophisticated analyses, we recommend using programs like R. There are several R packages available for summarizing data, including one that is managed here at the Cornell Lab specifically for working with the EBD dataset:

auk: eBird Data Extraction and Processing with AWK

If you use eBird data in a way that results in a specific conservation action or peer-reviewed publication, please let us know.

eBird Reference Dataset (ERD)

The eBird Reference Dataset is updated once annually and is available for species in North America and South America. It includes observational and checklist data, is zero-filled, and associated with a suite of landscape variables. This is intended for niche-modeling and other data-intensive science uses.

Download the ERD here.

eBird Observational Dataset (EOD)

The EOD is updated annually and made available through the Global Biodiversity Information Facility. The EOD contains basic occurrence data including species, date, and location. Additional metadata associated with these observations, including sampling event data (such as effort), are not included.

eBird Abundance Models

View eBird Abundance Models here.

Accessing your personal eBird data

To download your own data go to My eBird and then to ‘Download my data’ on the right side. This query generates a spreadsheet with all your personal eBird data. Here is a direct link to download your data.